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 The German shepherd female is the backbone of our breeding program. At Zuflucht K9s, we focus on the quality of our females which includes, genetically sound, clear in the head temperament of the dam. Selecting a world-class German Shepherd female in your breeding program is crucial for the overall characteristic of the German Shepherd puppies development and the future of the breeder.


Greta Garbo vom Makibilly

Greta is the Daughter of  IGP1, BH, VT Tola vom team Panoniansee and IPO1, SG Homex Terra Silva. Her pedigree is outstanding with grandparents such as VA, BSZS, IPO3 Memphis vom SoleBrunnen and VA, BSZS, IPO3, SchH3 Wallaby vom Kapellenberg.
Greta has a sweet temperament and exceptional anatomy which is suitable for breeding.  

This girl is Large sized, full bodied, strong and firm, excellent build condition, good expression, dark pigments, very good character, high long withers, firm back, good length. Correctly built female with good movment.


AKC #: 
ZKwP#: PKR.i-

Color: Red & Black (Long Coat)

DOB: July 04, 2019

FCI: HD/ED - Good/ Normal
DNA #:

DM : Clear - N/N (Normal)

AKC #: DN48993701

Color: Red & Black (Long Coat)

DOB: February 12, 2017

DNA #:

OFA: HD/ED - A3 (no signs of Hip/Elbow Dysplasia) 

DM : Clear - N/N (Normal)

Ember Wolf Hisar Berg
AKC S.T.A.R Puppy
(Imported Litter)

Ember Wolf Hisar Burg is the daughter of 3X SG1, IPO1, BH, KKL1 Vox Wolf Hisar Burg and European Imported Dam SG1 Sindi Aureus Mons. Ember is a stunning Red and Black Long Coat. Embers Dam was Bred in Europe and imported into whelp she comes from some of the best pedigree in Europe. 

Large, strong, excellent conformation full-bodied, built in very good proportions. Bitch has high withers, very good back line, normal length and position of the croup. Very harmonious and strong movement. Powerful with praiseworthy character.

Jessy vom Ermeland
(Relic, Imported)

Relic is the daughter of 3x SG1, IPO1, KKL1 Collorado Jarkowski Dwór and SG1, BH, Beki I.Banacha z Hipolitowa and is a direct European Import. Relic is a stunning long coat female from world-renowned Sire. She exhibits a medium drive and a world of confidence. She is rich in color and has the confirmation of an upcoming champion. We expect good things from this lovely girl. 

AKC #: DN60543101
ZKwP#:  PKR.i-89068

Color: Red & Black (Long Coat)

DOB: April 03, 2018

FCI: 04479

DNA #: V913147

DM : Negative - N/N (Normal)


AKC #: DN63840301
KSS#: BHR 336179

Color: Red & Black (Long Coat)

DOB: January 28, 2016

FCI: HD/ED - A0 Normal/Normal 

DM : Negative - N/N (Normal)


Ela Zeljas Rocky

Ela is a direct import. She is the daughter of VA1, IPO1, KKL1 Hugos vom Frankengold, and SG1, IPO1, KKL1 Tina Walepharm Land. This beautiful girl is a beautiful example of what the breed has to offer. Ela has beauty, coat, size, color, and drive all going for her. She has a great temperament and produces puppies that are capable of working.  Ela has beautiful confirmation but also has the wonderful ability to work. She has obtained her working protection dog title IGP1, working obedience title BH-VT, and confirmation title SG. 

Bera ze Słomkowa

Bera is the daughter of IPO1, SG2 (Poland) Drago Marino Haus. This outstanding female has a beautiful pedigree and outstanding confirmation throughout her bloodline.

Good back transmission. Spirited, expressive bitch. Suitable for improving the pigment and the dynamics. Large, strong, substantial, expressive, harmonious overall appearance, very good overall strength. Commendable black parts, very good head, high withers, very good topline, very good angulations of the fore and hindquarters, very space-enhancing movement with


AKC #: DN62171801
ZKwP#: PKR.i-

Color: Red & Black (Long Coat)

DOB: April 28, 2014

FCI: HD/ED - A0 Normal/Normal

DNA #: V927709

DM : Clear - N/N (Normal)


AKC #: DN62521105
ZKwP#:  Imported Litter

Color: Red & Black (Long Coat)

DOB: March 04, 2020


DM : Negative - N/N (Normal)


Valkyrie vom Zuflucht
(Imported Litter)

Valkyrie is the daughter of renowned VA, IPO1, BH Kalimero vom Haus Tchorz and BH, SG1, Bera ze Stomkawa. This outstanding female comes from some of the best bloodlines in Europe. She is a spirited, expressive bitch. Suitable for improving the pigment and the dynamics in future generations. 
We have some high hopes for this little beauty! She will be added to our program once she has finished her trials and completed her health testing. 

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