Diana vom Ermeland

Diana is the daughter of renowned VA, IPO1, BH Kalimero vom Haus Tchorz and BH, SG1, Bera ze Stomkawa. This outstanding female comes from some of the best bloodlines in Europe. Good back transmission. Diana brings size, confirmation and temperament to our Program. She is a spirited, expressive bitch. Suitable for improving the pigment and the dynamics. 


Large, strong, substantial, expressive, harmonious overall appearance, very good overall strength. Commendable black parts, very good head, high withers, very good topline, very good angulations of the fore and hindquarters, very space-enhancing



Lion von Yugerschof

Son of IPO1, BH Amstel von Yugerschof,  Lion von Yugerschof is a very handsome boy with an amazing confirmation. Lion is a direct import from Europe with an outstanding pedigree.

This handsome boy is reactive which we were unaware of when we purchased him. He will need a home that has experience with working dogs as well as training. He is being sold at a greatly reduced price so his behavior can be addressed by a trainer. Please message or call with any questions you may have. 

Nina od Stojkovica

Imported, Titled, Health Tested 

Nins is the daughter of World renowned VA, IPO3, BSZS Jax Dei Precision and IPO1, BH, SG, CAC Ronda v. Haus. This outstanding female comes from some of the best bloodlines in Europe. Good back transmission. Spirited, expressive bitch. Suitable for improving the pigment and the dynamics. 


Sindi Aureus Mons

Imported from Europe, Sindi Aures Mons (Athena) is a gorgeous red and black female with great pigmentation and structure. Her Temperament is sound and Her confirmation is exceptional. Sindi is a direct daughter of SUPER MALE VA1, IPO1- Vilas vom St. Michaels-Berg and has a stunning bloodline with many champions that make up her pedigree.

Ami od Stepe StJepanovic
(SOLD - Import, Minnesota)

Ami od Stepe StJepanovic is the Daughter of 3x SG1, BSZS (2016) Balou od Petkovica and is a Direct European Import.  Amiriska is a beautiful Red and Black Long Coat Female. Ami is a very sweet female who loves children, other canines, and cats. With her beautiful coloring and deep pigmentation, she would be an amazing addition to any family or Breeding Program.

Rich in color, medium body,  structured in good relationship, firm bitch with high withers, good back line and good length and correct angles of the front and rear hand pigmented proportions balanced chest. Safe way, confident. She is agile, fast, incredibly biddable, and a confident, happy female with outstanding character and personality! 


Aron Vom Topolovnicka
Imported Male Puppy

Both Sire and Dam are Stunning West German Shownline long Coats and currently still reside in Europe.This pairing provides a wonderful bloodline that would do well in the show ring. Sire and Dams Hips and Elbows have been x-rayed as well and are on record for viewing FCI: HD/ED - A (Normal). Both Sire and Dam have been tested and are DM negative and neither are carriers.

Buna Vom Fanino 

Buna Vom Fanino is the daughter of 3xSg1 IPO1 Vego Topolovnicki  and VV1 Bia vom Fanino. This Stunning long coat female was imported in from Europe from Kennel Vom Fanino.  Buna is a very confident female who loves children. With her bright red and black coloring and deep pigmentation, she shows amazing movement and the confidence required of this breed.



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