Guardian Homes Program

We have several Guardian home options coming up in 2021.
We will be having puppies as well as several adult females. All canines will either be imported or from imported litters. 

2021 Puppies

We will be keeping puppies out of several of our litters this year. This helps us continue our program and produce the temperament, confirmation, and drive we're looking for to continue our mission.

All of these puppies will be from imported litters or from imported parents to ensure the best quality puppies from around the world.

They will all be raised in our home and participate in the Puppy Culture Program. Health Testing is done a minimum of 3 generations back and full health exams are routinely given.

If you're looking for a well-bred, health-tested puppy but don't have the money to invest this might be the right option for you. We cover the price of the puppy, annual vet visits, and training! You provide the loving home, participate in their training, and take them with you where you go.

If this sounds like something you're interested in please read the qualifications at the bottom of the page. We love small business owners, stay-at-home Moms (or Dads), and Families who are involved in their church & community! 


To qualify for our Guardian Home Program, you must:

  • Be an Honest Person.

  • Live within an hour of Stanly County, NC and be flexible for dropping off and picking up the dog for health testing, vet visits, breeding, and whelping, training.

  • Be prepared for an Application, a home-visit, and provide references prior to the dog/puppy being placed in your care. A vet reference and a personal reference required. These canines are a part of our family and we want them to become a part of yours.

  • Keep the dog safe and contained at all times, either by having a fenced-in yard or leash walking. Please do not contact if you consider contained as tying your dog/puppy out. These canines are inside dogs and part of the family, not a yard ornament. 

  • Take the dog to our vet, Bear Creek Animal Hospital. Zuflucht K9s pays for annual exams, vaccinations, and breeding-related vet expenses while the dog is in our program. The guardian is in charge of all non-routine, pet-related vet expenses.

  • Provide basic training that is standard for dog ownership (house, leash, and crate training, and basic obedience). We cover the price of training and titling however you and your family will need to be willing to work and do the homework the trainer gives you for your new dog/puppy.
    Some (not all) canines will be sent to board and train so they can receive their title(s) if they do not already have them.

  • Keep the dog free of mats and tangles, and have the dog groomed on a 6-8 week schedule with a professional groomer. Exceptions can be made by going through on Double Coat Grooming Course, passing, and keeping up the standard. All Canines in Guardian must be groomed regularly as they represent our Kennel and what we produce.

  • Feed our recommended diet (We use Victor Nutra Pro for all of our Females and Puppies. Victor Professional for our Males).

  • Canines in your home are fine however males in the home must be nurtured. A Pet behavior evaluation is also mandatory to ensure the new puppy/ dog is safe with their future pack. 

  • Understand that we are waiving the purchase price of the dog in exchange for a service- you must be willing to communicate, cooperate and coordinate with us during their time in our program, and be dedicated to providing a safe, loving homes for the lifetime of the dog.

    This includes:
    -Taking your puppy/dog to train.
    - Participating in Zuflucht K9s and Community events when able at least two big events per year (festivals, parades, Zuflucht K9s community walk, etc.).
    - Documenting and sharing your outings and experiences. A minimum of 1 picture a month and 3 videos a year.) Snapping pictures or a quick video during outings or at class is an easy way to accomplish this,
    -Being willing to take your dog to pet-friendly places and event


What We cover:

  • The Cost of the Dog/Puppy

  • The Cost of importing the Dog/Puppy (if needed)

  • The Cost of the Training 

  • The Cost of Titling

  • The yearly vet appointment while in our program (Preventions not included)

  • Pregnancy ultrasounds, x-rays, and C-section (Pertaining solely when relating to pregnancy, delivery, or litters)

  • Cost of health testing including
    -Hips & Elbows certification
    - Degenerative Myelopathy (DM)
    - Multidrug Resistance Mutation (MDR1)

  • Stud Fees

  • $300 to Guardian while the female is in our program

  • Continual Breeder support


These dogs are the foundation of our program and our babies! Please only apply if you can provide an excellent inside home for one of our fur babies! For more information, fill out one of our standard puppy application HERE.  THANK YOU!

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We Accept

- Cash
- Good Dog Payment Option

- PayPal 
A $250 Non-refundable Deposit Is required to Hold a Puppy

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