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Our Females

 The German shepherd female is the backbone of our breeding program. At Zuflucht K9s, we focus on the quality of our females which includes, genetically sound, clear in the head temperament of the dam. Selecting a world-class German Shepherd female in your breeding program is crucial for the overall characteristic of the German Shepherd puppies development and the future of the breeder.




Iskra is the grandaughter of 3x SG1, IPO1, KKL1 Collorado Jarkowski Dwór, and VA1 IGP3 SG1 KKL1 Cronos Del Seprio and was produced out of our own program. Iskra is a stunning long-coat female. Both her Sire and Dam are working service dogs. She exhibits a medium drive and a world of confidence. She is rich in color and has an extreme coat. Jessy is currently in training to become a Therapy dog. Iskra has worked as a Canine model for several Esty companies. We can't wait to see what this sweetheart accomplishes in the future!




Muffina is the daughter of VA1 IGP2 BH Lithium vom Fanino. This outstanding female has a beautiful pedigree and outstanding confirmation throughout her bloodline. This stunning girl currently has her Canine Good Citizen and Canine Good Citizen Advance (CGC & CGCA) titles and is already working towards a few more.  Muffina has a sweet, friendly, and open personality that is perfect for therapy work. There isn't enough room to describe this girl. She loves to train, is focused, and enjoys being right beside her handler. She has a very serious look about her but just melts into a puddle of adoration when you pet her. She is great with kids and loves her pack. She's protective but settles down immediately as soon as told.  Good back transmission. Spirited, expressive bitch. Suitable for improving the pigment and the dynamics. Large, strong, substantial, expressive, harmonious overall appearance, very good overall strength. Commendable black parts, very good head, high withers, very good topline, very good angulations of the fore and hindquarters, very space-enhancing movement with  Muffina is fully health tested including FCI Good/Normal Hips and Elbows. She has also been tested for Gentic Disorders. DM: Clear - N/N    MDR1: Clear - N/N




Valkyrie is the daughter of renowned VA, IPO1, BH Kalimero vom Haus Tchorz and BH, SG1, Bera ze Stomkawa. This outstanding female comes from some of the best bloodlines in Europe. Produced from our program this sweetheart is the very embodiment of our program. She is sound, confident, intelligents, and beautiful. Valkyrie lives on a ski resort with her Caretaker and goes to work with her handlers. She travels regularly, and goes wherever her Caretakers go. She has worked on college campuses, on ski slopes, lodge, fitness centers, ice rings, festivals, and so much more. She is such a beautiful balance. She is a spirited, expressive bitch. Suitable for improving the pigment and the dynamics in future generations.




Mia is the Daughter of VV1 BH IGP1 Kia Armandia Lidderdali. Mia is a stunning Black and Red Long Coat with a soft but playful temperament and easygoing personality. Mia is a very solid female easily able to be handled out in public and loves to travel. She has participated in escape rooms, church events, festivals, and many other training outings. This girl is always on the go and rarely goes a day without leaving the house. Large, strong, excellent conformation full-bodied, built-in very good proportions. Bitch has high withers, a very good backline, normal length, and position of the croup. Very harmonious and strong movement. Powerful with a praiseworthy character. Mia has produced some beautiful service dogs as well as therapy dogs from her litters she's produced.




Octa is a Direct import and the daughter of SG1 BH IGP1 KKL1 Otto Splitberg and SG1 BH IGP1 Wana Rim Trotter. This beautiful girl is big and full of affection. She currently has her BH and her IGP1 title and is working towards her CGC. Octa is a real sweetheart and loves affection. She will curl up and sit on your lap if you let her. She is very engaged with training and LOVES a tug or ball. She enjoys going wherever her people are and is calm and happy in the vehicle Octa is large in size, and has a deep red with striking pigment. She is FCI certified Hips - Good and Elbows - Normale. DM - Clear N/N and MDR1 - Clear - N/N

278199853_4768307649945052_8797971282515686491_n (1).jpg



Corshkiah vom zuflucht is the Grandaughter of VA1 IGP3 SG1 KKL1 Cronos Del Seprio and VA1 IGP1 KKL1 Yosie vom Ritterberg. Her pedigree is outstanding with grandparents such as VA, BSZS, SchH3 Uran vom Mooresbeck and VA V IPO3 SchH3 Stano vom HasenbornCorshkiah has a sweet temperament and exceptional anatomy which is suitable for breeding.  This girl is Large sized, full bodied, strong and firm, excellent build condition, good expression, dark pigments, very good character, high long withers, firm back, good length. Correctly built female with good movment.

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