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Would You Like to become a Caretaker

Look today to find a potential fit for your family

Muffina is a Direct import and the daughter of VA1 IGP2 BH SG1 Lithium vom Fanino. This stunning girl currently has her Canine Good Citizen and Canine Good Citizen Advance (CGC & CGCA) titles and is already working towards a few more. Muffins does very well with other dogs, has been introduced to cats, as well as several farm animals. Although she does great with other dogs, we'd prefer she went to a home as a single dog (though not required) so that her new family can dedicate time to continuing her training. Muffina has a sweet, friendly, and open personality that we believe would be perfect for therapy work. We are looking for a family who treats their pets like family and will travel and take her with them when they go out. Like most Shepherds she is protective of her home and family and will bark when someone comes up. However she will happily greet them when introduced.

This outstanding female has a beautiful pedigree and outstanding confirmation throughout her bloodline. 
Good back transmission. Spirited, expressive bitch. Suitable for improving the pigment and the dynamics. Large, strong, substantial, expressive, harmonious overall appearance, very good overall strength. Commendable black parts, very good head, high withers, very good topline, very good angulations of the fore and hindquarters, very space-enhancing movement with

Muffina is fully health tested including FCI Good/Normal Hips and Elbows. She has also been tested for Gentic Disorders. DM: Clear - N/N    MDR1: Clear - N/N 

Zenidah is the daughter of VA3 BSZS, VA1 SVO ,IGP3, KKL1 Usher aus der Brunnenstraße and SG1 Aqua von Radhaus. This beautiful girl is a beautiful example of what the breed has to offer. Zen is built to impress. She has a beautiful coat, a thick build, and an outstanding temperament.


She is a sweetheart in personality, never meets a stranger, and loves going out with her people anytime they go out. She's well-behaved on a leash but will need some work on house manners and off leash training. Zendiah is great with other dogs as well as with children. We do recommend that if the family has children, they are older due to jumping at times. We are not sure how she is with cats.

Our ideal family would be one who is willing to continue working and training with Zendiah. She loves other dogs, so she would prefer she go to a home with other canines, but she would also be open to a family who is willing to give a ton of attention and affection, as she soaks that up like a sponge. We would love to see her be able to travel and experience life with her caretakers. This girl has a heart of gold and the desire to please.

Zendiah is fully health tested including FCI Good/Normal Hips and Elbows. She has also been tested for Genetic Disorders. DM: Clear - N/N    MDR1: Clear - N/N 

Octa is a direct import and the daughter of SG1 BH IGP1 KKL1 Otto Splitberg and SG1 BH IGP1 Wana Rim Trotter.
This beautiful girl is big and full of affection. She currently has her BH and her IGP1 title and is working towards her CGC. Octa is good with other large dogs. We're not sure about smaller dogs or cats, as we do not have any here. Octa is a real sweetheart and loves affection. She will curl up and sit on your lap if you let her. She is very engaged with training and LOVES a tug or ball. She is very calm in her crate. Octa loves to get in the car and is calm and happy in the vehicle without needing to be restrained. We are looking for someone who wishes to continue training and who really loves to take their pets with them, even if they are just riding into town. Octa is content playing in a fenced-in area or going for long walks with her handler. Octa is young and has a lot of energy to burn. She would be ideal for the busy family on the go or someone who loves hiking and exploring with their furry companion.


Octa was raised in a Kennel environment and wasn't introduced to the home until she arrived here in the states. She has since started working on house manners and is doing very well. We want to make sure she has the basics down before going to her new home so she will not be available until mid-April. 

Octa is fully health tested including FCI Good/Normal Hips and Elbows. She has also been tested for Genetic Disorders. DM: Clear - N/N    MDR1: Clear - N/N 

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