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Would You Like to become a Caretaker

Look today to find a potential fit for your family

Octa is a Direct import and the daughter of KKL1 IGP1 BH SG1 Otto Splitberg.
This stunning girl currently has her Canine Good Citizen title and is already working towards a few more. Octa does ok with other medium and large breed dogs but is a dominant female. We would prefer she go to single dog home, a home with submissive females, or altered males. Octa has a higher prey drive and will chase cats. She has never caught hurt one but would prefer to rest on the side of caution and say no to cats that aren't outside. We'd prefer she went to a family who can dedicate time to continuing her training. Octa has a sweet, friendly, and open personality. We are looking for a family who treats their pets like family and will travel and take her with them when they go out. Like most Shepherds she is protective of her home and family and will bark when someone comes up. However, she will happily greet them when introduced. Octa loves kids but does jump when off lead so small children may not be recommended.
She has lived in a household with children between the ages of 2-15 years old so it depends on the family and their knowledge/ability in training. 

This large female has a beautiful pedigree and outstanding confirmation throughout her bloodline. Good back transmission. Spirited, expressive bitch. Suitable for improving the pigment and the dynamics. Large, strong, substantial, expressive, harmonious overall appearance, very good overall strength. Commendable black parts, very good head, high withers, very good topline, very good angulations of the fore and hindquarters, very space-enhancing movement.

Octa is fully health tested including FCI Good/Normal Hips and Elbows. She has also been tested for Gentic Disorders. DM: Clear - N/N    MDR1: Clear - N/N 

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