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Red Collar - Male

Our "P" Litter is 3 weeks old!

I love week 3; it's when puppies really start to take off. The first two weeks are pretty slow, and the majority of their day consists of nursing. This week, their senses still aren't fully developed. They can't see or hear. However, they are now starting to explore more. They are beginning to play with each other and are able to be introduced to big soft toys and crackle toys.


Health Guarantee

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Full Vet Report

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Lifetime Support

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Bio Sensor Program is an Early Neurological Stimulation. The United States Military did studies on raising puppies and they found that doing certain exercises with puppies during the time of rapid growth between the puppy's 3rd and 16th day would increase the puppy's performance in later life. They created a program called the Bio Sensor Program (early neurological stimulation). It consists of 5 daily exercises that the breeder does with the newborn puppies daily between this timeframe. They found that not only were the puppies later able to cope with more stressful situations and problem solve more than other puppies, but they were also healthier with higher cardiovascular performance, a stronger immune system, adrenal glands, and heartbeats. Below is a link to the case study and shows each exercise we do with them.

Early Scent Introduction is done in conjunction with ENS training. ESI is designed to enhance the puppy's ability to identify and react to specific scents. The area in a dog's brain that processes data picked up by the nose is 40 times larger than a human brain. So the ability to smell is a function of the intellect. This is an exercise we do with the puppies to help with nose awareness and confidence. It enhances their ability to identify and react to scents. ESI is introduced at days 3-16 of a puppy's life and is very beneficial for their development This procedure creates a more aware and alert dog, which in turn makes an even better companion, service, and therapy dog. Many times with therapy and early service dog training, the dog’s scenting abilities are a characteristic that is required. Studies have shown that stimulating puppies' scent ability early on has been proven to dramatically increase their scent ability later in life.

While in our care, every puppy receives age-appropriate vaccines, Canine 1st Puppy Combo Vaccine DAPPV 6 dose, wormers, IDEXX panels, and veterinary examinations.

All of our puppies receive microchips prior to going home to their new families. This helps us ensure the safety of your new family member in the case where your newest member gets away and is unable to be found. New parents can register their pup under their name for free after going home.





Puppy Culture is a structured, age-appropriate socialization and training program designed exclusively for puppies from birth to the conclusion of their critical socialization period. The curriculum comprises of books, videos, and a workbook. The goal of puppy culture is to give puppies a solid foundation of experiences and abilities that will support their development into self-assured, well-adjusted adult canines. This entails exposing puppies to a range of people, locations, and experiences as well as teaching them manners and obedience fundamentals. Puppies are given opportunities to play and explore while also being exposed to various surfaces, noises, and sights as part of the puppy culture program. It introduces and assists in teaching children instructions like "Sit" "Down" and "Wait". Puppy Culture also offers instruction on canine behavior and growth development, as well as guidance on how to socialize and care for your new puppy.

All of our pups are given full health examines prior to leaving our home which covers General Appearance, Eyes, Ears, Nose, Oral Health, Respiratory, Circulatory, Integumentary, Musculoskeletal, Digestive,  Genitourinary,  Neural Systems, Rectal, and Lymph Nodes evaluations. The health and well-being of our puppies are our top priority.

Our health guarantee covers, hips, elbows, and congenital defects. Our puppies are examined prior to going home and are required to be examined within 72 hrs of going to their new home to ensure they are healthy on arrival. We are happy to let you view our full health guarantee at any time.

We have an intense socialization process with our puppies. Starting at 4 weeks old our puppies start going for car rides during the week. We park in different areas and roll down the windows to introduce them to different scents, sounds, and visual distractions. As they get older, the puppies are then placed inside a wagon and strolled through different areas and locations. People are encouraged to look at the pups and speak to them; they can not be petted or played with. Puppies never touch the ground or are touched while they are out to help prevent sickness.  We also set up a play area in our living room for all of our puppies. We introduce new items and experiences every day including vacuums, nail grinders, blowers, different toys, different surfaces, low-climbing items, and so much more!

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